Rant Update

Well, I am in Bologna. And again, this post will be only in English since I don’t know good translations.

Since leaving Rome, it’s gotten a lot better. I’m staying with a wonderful girl who got a Fulbright here last year, and she has helped make the transition a ton easier by being friendly, speaking English, and sharing her own experiences. It’s still hard, though. I’m tempted constantly to stay up late talking to people back home because my 11pm is their 5pm (which you should all totally not feel bad about – I enjoy it.) But there are loud noises outside early in the morning so I keep waking up, and mornings are really hard. Each time a new one rolls around I have to psych myself up to get out the door and face new people, new places, and that ever-present language barrier. Plus, I miss my family and my Austin, and Skype just isn’t the same as an actual conversation with someone.

But all the same, the fear and the constant desire to go home is beginning to fade as I get more and more excited to be here. The city is wonderful (I have a whole post about it in the works), I managed to buy and get a contract for a phone all in Italian, and I’m continuing the apartment search with hope. Today I’m planning on knocking out two of my other big tasks, so that should help too. Once this transitionary stuff is over, I’ll be settled into my research Monday-Friday, which will give me lots less free time to wallow, and I’ll have a museum pass and another American student here to keep me occupied on weekends. I have a lot of grand plans still, but I am becoming more confident that they’ll work out. Thanks for all your support.


2 responses to “Rant Update

  • MOM

    Good to know you’re doing better. Looking forward to “seeing” your apartment via Skype. We look forward to following all of your adventures! It is going to be different for you – having only the one job. ENJOY!

  • Dad

    Glad to see things are starting to look up for you. And you’re right: Once you get into a groove with your research the days will pass quickly and lot more pleasantly. The language thing will take care of itself, I think; I’m guessing it’s an Osmosis Thing. And I have all the faith and confidence in the world in you. Can’t wait for more stuff and some PICTURES! Love , Dad

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