89. Fare un Voto e Salire a San Luca

Last Saturday, Joanna, Christina, and I made a vow and visited San Luca. It’s a beautiful place, with porticoes, villas, mountains, hills, and tons of trees. The basilica is situated at the top of a hill. Inside, there’s a famous icon and a beautiful church, but the prettiest part is the walk. Our plan was to climb the hill with a simple lunch of bread and cheese, but we didn’t find a market open in the morning. Instead, we just sat at the top and looked. It was perfect.

The beginning of the walk, so you can see all the porticos.

There were little chapels like this all along the walk. All have been restored recently, so they're behind gates.

A horrible picture of me, but it's proof that I was there!

A little ways up, the walkway curves. This is the view of the porticos - che bello!

Looking out on Bologna from about halfway up.

You can see some of the foothills, and the cathedral in the center.

After the halfway point, it starts to get steep.

This cross greets you at the top of the hill. It is a pilgrimage, after all.

The basilica! I think it looks a bit like an enormous country manor. With wings.

The mountains in the distance, as seen from the top of San Luca.

This is the only picture I got inside the church, but isn't it magnificent?


Il sabato scorso, Joanna, Christina, e io abbiamo fatto un voto e visitato San Luca. È un posto bellissimo, con i portici, le ville, le montagne, colline, e albere. La basilica è situata sulla cima di una collina. Indietro, c’é un icono famoso e una chiesa bella, ma la parte piú magnifica é la passagiata. La nostra piana era salire la collina con una pranza semplice di pane e formaggio, ma non abbiamo trovato un mercato che era aperto nella mattina. Invece, ci siamo sedute sulla cima e abbiamo guardato la vista. Era perfetto.


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