Hello, faithful blog readers! (Or maybe I’ve lost you because I haven’t blogged in so long.)
I have a new apartment! I really like it – see pictures below – but I have been without reliable internet for the past few weeks, so please forgive me. I have a whole backlog of posts waiting to go up, but for now I thought I might charm you with my pretty new room to get back into your good graces while we wait.

Here we go!

My itty bitty kitchen.

Making the kitchen more charming. Also, tangerines are in season and I am so excited.

A before shot of my room.

New room decorations!

An after shot.

I love this bed. Yes, it is two twins pushed together, but who wouldn't appreciate all that space?

This is the entrance to my balcony. That rug actually does make a difference.

My wardrobe/closet. It does the job.

And last but not least, my desk. Here are my friends and family, and also my books and work things. It's a multipurpose space.

Other updates:

– I finally finished applying for the permesso di soggiorno. I was fingerprinted this morning.

– I’ve so far managed to spend a few days at the library, and even more days working from home.

– To reward myself, I’m going to Chianti this weekend!

– Bologna’s chocolate festival starts tomorrow. More rewards.


Stay tuned for more posts! I promise it won’t be so long next time.


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