Giardini Margherita

The Giardini Margherita (Margherita gardens) is one of my favorite places in Bologna. The gardens comprise Bologna’s sole public space, where one can find all sorts of people. Each day, there are Russians, Italians, people having picnics, children playing basketball and riding go-carts. It was here that I first say the signs of autumn in Italy, and it cheered me greatly. Now, I go back every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday to take a walk around and enjoy the outdoors.

The go-cart track in the gardens.

The lake that sits in the middle of the space.

Graffitti is definitely an art form here, much to my Mother's chagrin.

I love this big old tree. I usually stop under it for a bit to just look.

Look at those fall colors!

This was once a restaurant in the middle of the garden. It caught fire, however, and after renovations is now a daycare center.

I loved the way the leaves seem to be falling into the water.

Basketball is, believe it or not, a big deal in Bologna.


I Giardini Margherita comprendono uno dei miei posti preferiti a Bologna. I giardini sono il posto publico per tutta la città Bologna, dove si può trovare le gente diverse. Ogni giorno, ci sono i russi, gli italiani, le gente che mangiano un picnic, i bambini giocano, a basket e anche al kartismo. Era a quel posto che ho visto la prima volta i segni del autunno in Italia, e mi piaceva molto. Adesso, ritorno ogni martedi, giovedí, e domenica per prendere un giro e godere all’aria aperta.


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