Highlights of Christmas Break

I know, I know. It’s a bit late to still be posting about Christmas, but I am way behind in neglecting my blog and need to catch up. I have a few day trips to post about, but first I wanted to share some of my favorite photos from my family’s time in Bologna.

Spending a wonderful night in Rome (with THIS view) the night before my family arrived.

Climbing San Luca the day after Christmas, and finding ourselves on the top of a huge hill with perfect weather for seeing the mountains. It was gorgeous!

Making our own crescentine on New Year's Eve.

Rosalynd's hole in our apartment. It was billed as a loft...

Having fun people to sit with on train rides.

My Dad's excitement over all things medieval.

Skipping under the porticos.

Eating an entire half-meter pizza.

This one, sleeping on the floor....

...along with this one.

Climbing up San Michele in Bosco our last day in Bologna to see the skyline.

Our evening with the fractalled broccoflower.

Climbing up with Torre Asinelli.

Dressing up with my Mom and sister.

TONS of cookies.

This girl.

This wonderful boy.

And these guys.



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