Today, I was supposed to be flying to Catania. Instead, I got this:

Today's headline: "Record Frost, Trains Blocked"

Totally disappointed, I returned home to decide what to do with the rest of my day. My first stop was the grocery store, since, given that I was intending to leave, I ate all my food.

The Coop near my apartment was practically empty. I find it funny how similar the US and Italy are in this regard - when snow hit Pittsburgh in 2009, it was crazy how much the supermarkets were out of once people realized they'd be inside awhile.

Once I had restocked my fridge, I was off to meet Joanna and Christina for a walk around the city and shopping for good winter boots.

My courtyard, complete with fresh snow and new footprints.


"Closed for snow." This sign was not uncommon on shops today.

It's no wonder the buses were slow - check out the accumulation on the bus lines!

Neptune is looking ever more regal.

And of course the fountain itself is still running.

He almost looks like a Yeti.

I found these statement-making snowmen near Alce Nero.

So the day was not a total waste. Turns out that getting stuck in an Italian city due to snow is quite charming – everything is beautiful, everyone is laughing on the street as they collectively slide around on the snow, and when you get home you can watch movies in bed with a blanket and your blog. I’m still crossing my fingers for good news tomorrow regarding my flight, but I’m okay.


2 responses to “Lemonade?

  • Austin

    That looks like a lot of fun. I enjoy when cities shut down and everything is not in its normal bustling state. It’s a bizarre experience.

  • Audrey

    Hi Eleanor! Great blog! I’m moving to Bologna from the US with my boyfriend this spring. I searched for blogs on Bologna and stumbled across yours. I enjoyed reading your similarities and differences section. You saved us some legwork there! I studied abroad in Madrid in college and remember how slight differences and language barriers can create interesting debacles (ex: after a few days of doing laundry, I realized I was just using fabric softener… not detergent!)

    My boyfriend was in Bologna for a short business trip during the snow storm and sent me a picture of the cars on the street with inches of snow on top! Luckily none of his travel plans were affected too much. He even made it to Milan for a soccer game. I hope you make it to Catania soon!

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