It’s March?

My, how time flies. Now that it’s March, my Fulbright grant is officially halfway over! Can you believe it?!
That realization has me working frantically now, but I wanted to update you all a bit more on the month of February, since I did some pretty cool stuff:

In the first weekend of February, Bologna had its annual Art White Night, a chance for the citizens to see Bologna’s museums for free until midnight.

This is the crowd gathering inside Bologna's new Palazzo Pepoli museum, dedicated to the history of the city.

The map of the ancient city in the Palazzo Pepoli.

I loved this shirt, modeled after a glass portrait.

After returning from Catania, I spent a weekend in Rome February 10 and 11 for our mid-year meeting, where we talked about the progress of our work and got some more practical information about the grant. We spent the day at the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN, the FAO, where we got to learn about modern international food issues. While in Rome, I also got to witness one of the city’s first snow storms in 25 years (the first was a few weeks before.)

This was the view from the top of the FAO building as the snow started on Friday night. We were considering having to leave early since snow was expected, but it managed to hold off until we were done.

Saturday morning dawned bright and clear...

I found a pyramid!

And a pope bobblehead.

I also found some remnants of snow. And then, 45 minutes later...

THIS happened.

So I took shelter here, in San Giovanni in Laterano. This was the seat of the papacy before the Vatican, and it's gorgeous!

The side altar.

The tomb under the altar.

On February 15, I got the chance to go to Milan for an alumni interview for law school. This was the first time I’d ever seen the city, so once the interview was over I contacted a friend living there and we went to get lunch so he could show me around a bit.

The Duomo of Milan. It's so beautiful!

My gelato. It tasted like a cherry cordial!

One of the major shopping areas in Milan.

We also found this half-frozen fountain.

I’m currently at a conference in Brussels, so be on the lookout for some posts about this incredible place and all the awesome people I’ve met and things I’ve learned. But finally, a belated end-of-February shoutout to Austin, since our anniversary was the last day of the month. Four years have flown by!
Happy March everyone.


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