On the Saturday of the Brussels conference, we took a day trip to Brugge to see the College of Europe and take a tour of the city. True to character, I took a ton of pictures. I also got to see the Basilica of the Holy Blood, was introduced to a new beer, bought a bunch of chocolates (which I ate before the end of the conference), and made some new friends.

The start of our day trip to Bruges. We found chocolate!

A gorgeous church in Bruges.

REAL truffles.

Bruges is famous for its lace.

The fish market in Bruges.

Part of the main square in Bruges, which is designed in several architectural styles. This is the Venetian part, complete with its own (partially obscured) bridge.

The Basilica of the Holy Blood, which hosts a vial of Christ's blood that the city parades through the streets once a year.

Inside the chapel connected to the Basilica.

The Basilica posts a person to watch over the vial to ensure its safety and collect donations.

Part of the altarpiece in the Basilica.

This is the symbol of the city, posted over city hall.

Gulden Draak was probably my favorite of the beers we tried. We got this one in Bruges on the recommendation of our tour guide, who said you should never have more than one.


Il sabato della conferenza, siamo viaggiati a Brugge per un’appuntamento al collegio dell’europa e prendere un giro della citta. Ho scatto tanto foto, agito in modo abituale. Anche, ho visto la basilica di sanque sacra, sono conosciuta una nuova birra, comprato tanti cioccolati (con cui ho finito prima della fine della conferenza), e mi sono fatta con nuovi amici.


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