I concluded my month of travel in Milan, where on March 25 I ran the Stramilano with my friend Gabrielle. We’d originally planned on running just 5 kilometers, but after looking into it more Gabrielle said she wanted to do the 10K portion instead (the 5K was advertised for the “littlest of runners.”) The longest distance is a full half marathon, but to enter it you have to first qualify and that would be way too much for us.
When we got to Milan, the Piazza Duomo was dominated by a giant Stramilano tent, and the line for registration stretched almost across the piazza. Luckily it was not a long wait before we could get our race packets and marvel at all of the free stuff.

The registration line. All those people here to run!

We got stramilano bags, stramilano t-shirts, snacks, and our race numbers. It was all really exciting.

The day before the race - getting excited!

We were staying with Steven and Zach, two other Fulbrighters, in Milan, and their friend Andre decided to run with us too. It was nice having an extra person there, and really nice having a tall person to get photos of the crowd!

The before shot: Andre, Gabrielle, and me, ready to run!

Before the race started, they were handing out these red balloons so we could all release them at the shot.

When the race was over, we met up in an Arena, where they were handing out more free stuff and snacks. There wasn’t a water break until the eighth kilometer, so I was excited to get my hands on some Gatorade.

Entering the arena/the finish line.

When we reached the finish line, we were each handed finishers’ medals. Totally cool.

Representing Fulbright and Stramilano! Me after the race.

The after shot, taken by a passing tourist. Andre's friend Andrea, me, Gabrielle, and Andre, happy to be done.


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