Summer has arrived here in Bologna, and with the solstice officially behind us, even the Bolognese will admit it. We’ve had almost two weeks now of 90+ degree weather, and I’m sleeping these days with a fan that sounds like jingling keys.

The view from the top of San Luca right now.

There are few things more gorgeous than the Apennines in the summer.

But, with summer comes a lot of wonderful things, like summer storms,

My friend Zack, caught in the rain in Milan and enjoying every minute.

fresh salads with yummy radishes from my neighbor’s balcony garden,

Surrounded by work, of course.

cobblers with cherries from the market,

Since I don’t have an oven, this was adapted from camping recipes for Dutch Ovens. It worked out pretty well!

going away parties for good friends,

My friend Kate is quite the musician, and for her party her roommates asked her to perform.

Kate with her guitar.

and days at the pool to beat the heat.

The communal pool in Budrio, about a half hour from Bologna.

Apparently, at Italian pools, they do this thing called Aquagym, where you exercise in the water. This one was a zumba class, but they also use treadmills and bikes at time. Can you imagine anything more strenuous than running underwater on a treadmill? Yikes!
But for now, a pool full of Italians doing the YMCA.

Just in case you doubted how pale I actually am, here’s me with my friend Roberta. Several of the people at the pool asked just to make sure I was wearing sunscreen.

Fun in the sun! (And the shade.)


L’estate è arrivata qui a Bologna, e con il solstizio ufficialmente passato, anche il bolognese lo ammetteranno. Abbiamo avuto quasi due settimane ormai + di 90 gradi di temperatura, e io sto dormendo in questi giorni con una ventola che suona come chiavi tintinnanti.
Ma, con l’estate arriva un sacco di cose meravigliose, come temporali estivi, le insalate fresche con ravanelli gustosi da giardino balcone del mio vicino, crostate con le ciliegie dal mercato, andando via parti per buoni amici, e giorni in piscina per combattere il caldo.


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