June Roundup

Well, July has officially arrived, with 100+ degree days, lots of sun, and tons to do before I leave in 11 days! I now have one bag pretty much totally packed with research materials (praying it comes in under 50 pounds) and am making myself wait to start the other one until I absolutely have to, because that’ll mean I’m actually leaving.
But, along with the first of July comes that “oh crap” feeling of all the things I wanted to share on my blog but haven’t yet for the month of June. So, without further ado:

Last week, Joanna and I went on a walk, exploring Bologna’s many parks.

I got a picture outside the Biblioteca Comunale, in tribute to all the wonderful times I’ve spent in libraries here in Bologna.

We loved how the sun was coming in through the trees. Bello, no?

We also hiked through the park near my apartment (where I like to go running.)

And here’s the obligatory myspace shot.

I had part 1 of my going away party (parts 2 and 3 are still to come) at the Mercato XM24, which is this incredible farmer’s market that takes place on Thursdays near the train station. The food is amazing, and they have a great seating area and bar where you can stop to enjoy it.

The group for my first Festa di Addio.

One of the awesomest things about summer in Bologna is movies in the piazza. On Friday, I went with my friend Evan (who studies film) to see Lawrence of Arabia in its newly restored version. It was a good time.

They even brought an exec in from Columbia pictures (if I’m not mistaken) to introduce the restoration, which they presented in English with Italian subtitles.

I’ve lately been enjoying walking around and taking photos of Bologna. This is a house I’ve always liked.

A view on the train station. I never expected to find a train station beautiful.

The Piazza Santo Stefano in the early evening.

This is the corte isolani, which has always fascinated me. It’s quite beautiful, and on this day they had an exhibition of fashion photos taken down in the sewer and were playing swing jazz music. It was a good walkthrough.

Remember this guy?

He was performing with his puppets on his back one of the very first times I walked around Bologna. I found him again last week on the Via dell’Independenza.

What’s a girl to do in all this heat to stay cool? This is my latest obsession: watermelon granita. Mmm.

And finally, I went to the Festa dell’Unita in San Lazzaro with my friend Roberta, her boyfriend Davide, and friend Lucilla Saturday night. The food was incredible.

With Roberta and Lucilla, after eating our yummy pasta.


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