The Last of Bologna

Sitting here at Fiumicino Airport in Rome, I think it’s time to admit to myself that I’ve left Bologna. It still feels strange to think that I won’t go back and that this isn’t just another mini vacation from the city I love. But, I packed up my entire room, closed my bank account, and managed to get myself to Rome (and finish the bucket list before I left). Here’s how I spent my last few days:

Free concert in the Piazza Maggiore!

That, my friends, is a frozen blended mojito, at aperitivo with my good friend Cengiz.

The Piazza Minghetti, closed since I arrived, is now open. Apparently, some people don’t like the changes.

Oh Neptune. I’ll even miss you.

The lovely Sala Borsa, my second home these many months.

Climbing the Asinelli tower….

That lovely Bolognese skyline. This is the Piazza Maggiore from above.

Bologna, mi manchi.

The Economics Department. Many many thanks to the wonderful people here for their support of my research.

Thanks also to the awesome student culture at the University of Bologna. You guys are so fun.

The canal near the market.

My going away party at the Osteria al 15: Roberta, me, Cengiz, Joanna, Georgie, Nik, and Davide.

Given that Osteria al 15 is far and away my favorite restaurant in Bologna, it’s no wonder I’m now friends with the owner. Or that we match.

Going away party part two: Joanna, Cengiz, Davide, Roberta, Dimitrios, Georgie, me, and Nik.

My chocolate brioche, obtained from a midnight bakery.

Looking out over San Luca. Such beautiful mountains!

The Museum of the History of Bologna. And Dante.

The Giardini Margherita. I took almost this same photo the first time I was there.

Painted porticoes.

The last dinner I made for myself in Bologna. That’s gorgonzola risotto with porcini mushrooms.

San Michele in Bosco, my last morning.

Picnicking in the botanical garden with Joanna, Nik, and Audrey.

This wonderful girl was the first person I knew in the city.

Last gelato: Stefino, for the fondente al pistacchio and caramello salato.

Suitcases all packed and ready to go. ;(

Even now, I can say for certain that I will be returning to this incredible place. Bologna, thank you for a fantastic year, for good friends, and for the experience of a lifetime.
More later, when I’m not being rushed to board my plane.


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